The Byron Bay Property Sales Ocean Swim Classic            

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Following a Swim Committee meeting last evening,  the 2021 Ocean Swim Classic event has been cancelled as of today, the second of February.

This is due to a few factors regarding COVID 19 and the limited space we would have available to conduct the swims in a safe, healthy manner. We DID try but once the ever changing restrictions were taken into account, we sadly really had no other option.

The Byron Bay Property Sales Ocean Swim Classic and the Byron Bay Mitre 10 Mini-swim are on our calendar for the first Sunday in May 2022 and hopefully the vaccinations will clear the way for this one, folks.

We regret the effect this will have on not only the ocean swimming community, but all the other sponsors, our workers and supporters in the lead up efforts to the day and, most importantly, the people that benefit from the monies raised and distributed from the funds gained by each year's swim event.

The current Entry Monies received will be refunded in full and we will be avidly working this year to keep on holding our weekly programme of raffles to raise money for those people that benefit each year from the Winter Whales.

The Whales thank the people that contribute to our Club's main aim of raising funds for charity.

Hopefully we will 'See You In The Bay In May' of '22. 

N.B: Before contacting the Whales, check the FAQs page to see if your question is resolved there.





The Byron Bay Property Sales Ocean Swim Classic

The Byron Bay Mitre 10 Mini Swim